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A haggard-looking, witchy broom perfect for your front porch during October celebrations!  And then use as a functional broom for cleaning around your house, especially those cobwebs!


This broom has a 24" handle - the length of the broom is approximately 48" - dependent on the length of the broomcorn.  


When ordering a broom with charms, it comes with 2 spider charms and a cobweb charm sewn and dangling from the plaiting on the handle.  


The broomcorn is hand-stitched with black cord - single layer brooms have one row of stitching; double-layer brooms have two rows of stitching.  


This broom was especially designed to get cobwebs off the ceilings of the mountain settlers’ rustic cabins.

To accomplish this, the broom is tied Besom style (sewn round) onto a long, light handle for reaching into high spaces easily & the broomcorn is left long & untrimmed, so that the bristly tips of the natural fibers can snag & whisk cobwebs away effortlessly.   Natural broomcorn is hand plaited, sewn & stitched with no machinery, in the Ol’ Appalachian tradition onto 24" maple or oak handles.

 A leather hanging strap allows for proper broom storage.

The Cobwebber Besom Broom - 24" Handle Broomcorn

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  • Dependent on zip code, if the website platform doesn't calculate enough shipping charge to cover the actual cost, we will need to reach out to you with the actual shipping charge.  You will have the opportunity to cancel the order if you determine the shipping charge is more than you expected.  

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