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broom-making tools

A select few broommakers have been fortunate to acquire broom-making tools and equipment that are a century or more old.  When acquired, these tools and equipment are in disarray, needing much restoration, or they are in excellent condition, and cost an arm and a leg!  I have not yet been able to acquire any of these antiques; thus, I use logical alternatives.  I made the KICK WINDER that you see pictured (top) - it provides me the ability to apply tension to the cord or wire so the broom or brush will stay assembled for a long duration. This version of a kick winder spins - It is a much better option than the kick winders that you might see in YouTube videos that do not spin, but instead clunk on the floor as the broommaker attempts to gain more cordage. In this picture, as well as the other two pictures, you will also note a SEWING VISE-STICHING CLAMP that I use for sewing my flat brooms.  Pictured is nylon cording, leather used for handle loops, etc.  Also note the FOOT BRAKE, ALSO CALLED A BOBBIN OR SPINDLE, which is a much simplified means to create a broom.
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Kickwinder, nylon cord, sewing vice.
sewing vice2.jpg
Sewing Vice.jpg
foot brake bobbin_edited.jpg
Broom handles - broomcorn.

There are many choices when it comes to broom handles.  Sustainably-harvested hickory handles, modern-day oak handles that I either varnish or stain/varnish, hearty bamboo that I cut to size.  I also use forged handles, vintage wooden spindles or bobbins that were used during the industrial era in textile mills, antique kitchenware, deer antlers - there are many options as long as you are creative and have the means to acquire the handle!

It doesn't take a vast assortment of tools to construct a broom or brush, but when you need them, they are a must-have!  Pictured are a sewing needle, several knife options for cutting broom fibers, awls, fids, needle-nose pliers, broom nails, cobbler's hammer, to name a few.  This is not an all-inclusive viewpoint of necessary tools, but a general idea.    

I offer a resource guide, with a list of all of the various tools and products, as well as where to purchase the tool/product. I found it frustrating to watch youtube videos on the craft, with no resource to help me know what I needed to gain a good start on this journey.  It took me days and days of extensive research to find all of the resources I needed to manage this craft; I am offering my documentation efforts to support your broom-making goals!

This resource guide can be purchased on our SHOP page.  

Small tool needs for constructing a broom or brush!
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