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Named after the hairpin curves in the mountains of the Black Hills of South Dakota, where I lived until I was in 4th grade! 

A very nice and sturdy brush!  I use this brush to get into tight corners for dusting, like my stairway railing, ledges on my cabinetry, my artwork frames, while detailing my car (don't use on plastic surfaces - the only thing you should use on plastic surfaces is cotton or microfiber!) - the options are endless.  


Made to order - choose your color of cording.  Made from natural Tampico fiber! 


Nylon cording available in many colors.  To review cord colors, go to the CORD STANDARD page on the site, and input the color of cord you would like in the text field.  

Mini Tampico Hairpin Brush

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  • In comparison to broomcorn fiber, Tampico fiber is softer and finer, and can be used in a variety of applications.  For cleaning, the brushes are perfect for removing dust from articles that should not have a greasy polish applied.  For examples of cleaning applications, go here.  

    In addition, for those interdisciplinary artists that work on various mediums such as pottery, painting and the like, I understand these brushes are awesome as an alternative to traditional art applications.  The bristle of Tampico makes it a great choice for creating texture and subtle lines.  The various brushes are designed to provide a variety of thick or thin applications, based on the crafted application, giving the artist a medley of options.    

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