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NOTE: All brooms are made to order.


All brooms will have the primary natural hurl intertwined with the dyed hurl.  We will choose a color-coordinated cord to wrap the broomcorn.  Also read below on custom orders.  

Each broom is hand tied, one at a time. They average 11 1/2" in length and 9" in width.  The binding (cord) is a full wrap.  A color-coordinated leather loop is tied on the back for ease of hanging.  


We dye the hurl outselves and have a number of different colors of dyed hurl.  If you are wanting a custom color, and to choose your own cording, please contact us via our Contact section on the Home page of our site.  

Standard Broomcorn Turkey Whisk Broom - Full-Wrap-Dyed Hurl

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  • Our brooms are beautiful and functional. You'll want to hang them on your wall as art - and have them handy to clean-up that spill on the floor, in your garage, in your car.

    This broom has dyed hurl intertwined in the construction.  We dye all of our own hurl, and use the most environment dye that is available in the marketplace.  The heated dyeing process takes 1.5 hours for the broomcorn to absorb the dye.  You should not hang your dyed broom in the sunlight, as the sun will fade the colors.  

    Broomcorn - the material used in this broom - wasn't developed until about 1765. Early in history, a preserved wing of a bird was used as a broom.  Next, birch twigs, dogwood twigs, or heather were used to produce a functional broom. When broomcorn was developed, one of the earliest folk broom styles to come about was to mimic the shape of birds' wings by tightly binding small bundles of broomcorn down one side like a wing bone, and fanning it out the other side like feather.

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