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Note:  Brooms made to order!


You can learn the art of waggling (move side to side or up and down) with this broom!  This cleans most anything - works well on keyboards and small spills on the floor or in the car!  Great to keep in the car to brush off seat cushions or those very dirty car seats!


Each broom is hand tied, one at a time. They average 17" in length.  


To review cord colors, go to the CORD STANDARD page on the site, and input the color of cord you would like in the text field. 

Broomcorn Broom - The Waggler!

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  • Our brooms are beautiful and functional. You'll want to hang them on your wall as art - and have them handy to clean-up that spill on the floor, in your garage, in your car.

    Broomcorn - the material used in this broom - wasn't developed until about 1765. Early in history, a preserved wing of a bird was used as a broom.  Next, birch twigs, dogwood twigs, or heather were used to produce a functional broom. Then broomcorn was developed, and it is all history!

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