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This is a 1" in diameter foot brake/spindle that allows you to provide cord tension to make a broom.   Made of oak!


There are two options for tying your brooms:



As most broomsquires do, estimate how much cord you will need for your broom, tie on the cord using one of the pre-drilled holes, and wrap the cord around the middle of the brake.  



You can utilize both pre-drilled holes, follow tying-on instructions that come with the brake, and DON'T cut your cord, so no waste of cord product.  Even though the brake is oak, the tension that produces a well-constructed broom will leave indentations on the wood where the cord exits the drilled hole.  Sandpaper will come with the brake; roll up a small amount of sandpaper, and sand the inside and parameters of the drill holes to gain a smooth edge when you determine smoothing is needed.   


Great for use when teaching someone how to make a broom!


18" long, giving plenty of room for your feet to manage the tension!  Made of oak!

Frugal Foot Brake - Bobbin - Spindle

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