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When I first started broommaking, and went to a studio to do so, I was not provided a list of necessary tools, and where and how to purchase them. I conducted extensive research to find all of the supplies and tools I needed to be successful. As I progressed in my broom-making journey, and in obtaining resources, I documented it all in this resource.


If you are just starting out as a broomsquire, or even if you've been making brooms for awhile, this resource guide will provide you with the following:


  • List of 50+ broom-making supplies and/or equipment.  Primary categories included:  Books, Forums, Cording, Cutting Tools, Dyeing tools and various products, Various Fiber, Handle Sources, Knives, Leather Sources, Nails, Needles, Production Tools and Sources, Sewing Vises, Shaving Mule, Tying Table.  
  • Inclusive of the following:
    • Category such as book, type of cording, cutting tools, various dyeing resources, etc.
    • Specific name of product
    • Name of supplier
    • Link to supplier if supplier is online.
    • Details on what the resource is used for
    • Cost if available - obviously, this is subject to change based on the vendor, but it gives you an idea of the price of the item.
    • Notes from Val - why it is recommended, etc.



Category 1:  Cording

Cateogry 2:  #18 500 ft Braided/Tarred Duck Decoy Line

Info:  For sewing broom.  Can also use waxed linen, but waxed linen is expensive. 

Resource:  Wallace Cordage Company

Cost:  $8.88 plus shipping


My request of you if you do purchase the resource, is to honor all of the extended efforts I put into this resource, and not post it online or share it with others. I will continue to update the resource as I progress in my journey, and I will keep a list of folks that purchased, and provide updates as they become available.

Broom-making Resource Guide - Excel File

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